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Popmundo Battrick
У Popmundo Вы можаце вырошчваць зорак музычнай індустрыі. Вызначце свой стыль, стварыце гурт і вандруйце па сьвеце разам з больш за 300.000 актыўных гульцоў!

This game is the sister game of Hattrick, and is developed by the same folks back at Extralives AB in Sweden that originally developed Hattrick. Much like Hattrick, the world of Popmundo never closes - there is always a gig going on somewhere, always a new track to record, always a hot flirt to be found at the backstage party. All characters you run into and interact with are of course managed by other human players.

Popmundo is a deep game, but still a casual one. It is perfectly possible to log in only a few times a week and still make it big on the charts. One of the coolest things with this game is that it is very open-ended: When you get bored with the high-flying lifestyle, there are many other things to do - becoming a private investigator, building a property empire or simply settling down and raising a family.

Battrick.org is a great cricket management game in the Hattrick tradition. This is the perfect game for cricket lovers, and good fun for anyone curious about the sport - we can testify that it is pretty easy to get hooked on.

You get to run a cricket club, train players and coach them through One Day League and First Class games - there is even an international cup to participate in, as well as national team World Cup. The community is very friendly and helpful.

Battrick is a collaboration between Allan Fairlie-Clarke, a Hattrick user and former HT moderator, and the Hattrick team.
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